The state committee of Ukraine on questions of regulator policy and enterprises is the special representative central enforcement authority concerning state regulator policy, the state registration, licensing and allowing system in economic activities sphere.

The Ukrainian national committee of the International chamber of commerce.
The purpose of activity of Committee is assistance to development of the free international reference of the goods, services, intellectual property and the investment capital, to development of national economy and its integration into world economic system, increase in export of goods and services of the Ukrainian manufacturers, formation of modern industrial, financial, trading infrastructures, creation of favorable conditions for competitive enterprise activity, to development of all kinds of business and formation of high level of professionalism, justice and honesty in internal national and international business relations.

Council of businessmen at the Cabinet of ministers of Ukraine is constantly operating advisory advisory body which primary goals are: assistance in formation of the effective mechanism of interaction of enforcement authorities and subjects of housekeeping on principles of partnership, an openness and a transparency; representation regulator organs to bodies of offers concerning necessity of revision of regulatory legal acts for business sphere; participation in realization of actions for tracing of productivity installed regulator certificates and preparation of recommendations to the Cabinet of ministers of Ukraine, the central and local enforcement authorities; consideration of offers of subjects of enterprise activity concerning modification of certificates of the legislation for the purpose of creation of favorable conditions for business development in Ukraine, improvements of system of maintenance of protection of the property right and so forth.

The union of businessmen of the small, average and privatized enterprises of Ukraine

Protection of lawful social, economic and other general interests of the members and assistance to consecutive formation, development and cooperation of the small, average and privatized enterprises, to expansion of sphere of their activity, with gradual transformation into the branched out system organically connected with the big enterprises for fuller maintenance of requirements of a society in services, consumer goods and to other production, monopolism elimination in their manufacture.

The Ukrainian association of business incubators and the innovative centers

Assistance to development of industrial and innovative enterprise by creation and support of activity of business incubators, technoparks, the centers of support of business and other structures of innovative type.

All - Ukrainian Public organization "Novaya Formaciya (New Formation)"

It’s a non-governmental non-profitable public organization of the lobbyism, which purpose - assistance to business development in Ukraine.

The European university
The European university puts for the purpose to generate highly educated, professional elite of Ukraine, free and creative, capable of independent thinking and active actions in branch of economy, management and information technology, on the basis of the advanced deep scientific knowledge and technologies, comprehension of equation of public ideas and personal aspirations.

Association of educational institutions of Ukraine of nonstate pattern of ownership. The association is created on such purpose: association and coordination of efforts of the educational institutions directed on development of each of them and an education system as a whole, on reorganization of Ukraine, as legal democratic, advanced state; representations in bodies of the state executive power and local governments of interests of the educational institutions based on nonstate pattern of ownership; social protection of participants of teaching and educational process of educational institutions of nonstate pattern of ownership.