The information about the situation round the conflict in the Zaporozhye automobile market.

Last years on the Zaporozhye automobile market (which is situated on Orehovsky highway) are carried out regular attempts of illegal capture of property of businessmen and the ground area on which the market is located.It becomes by means of trade union "Ednannya" which are headed by mister Pamirov. This trade union of represents as a member of All - Ukrainian trade union of small and average business " Ednannya " and Federations of trade unions of workers of small and average enterprise of Ukraine. Actually it is excluded from their structure for activity which contradicts the charter.

T. Serduk ,  which heads the primary organization " Ednannya " (in which structure enters no more than 20 persons) on the Zaporozhye car market, not legally uses the name " Ednannya ", symbols and requisites of this organization. The true purpose Zaporozhye " Ednannya " this mastering by the property of a car market and the ground area the area of 12 hectares. For this purpose in imperious and law enforcement bodies are made numerous slanderous complaints to administration of the market and owners. Periodically " Ednannya " pickets official bodies, car market administration, blocks travel ways of a city, provoking city heads and area to confirm the decision on deprivation of the market of the ground area. Active workers " Ednannya " don't allow to work easy to businessmen, involve in picketing, quarrel etc . Almost thousand collective of businessmen and market administration suffers.

For illegal capture "Ednannya" has tried to use the false decision of Borispolsky district court of  Kiev area. To hobby have prevented law enforcement bodies. The businessman of a car market, a member of the members organization "Ednannya" V. Sorochinkov  has made an attack on the director of administration S. Beliy , has rushed into its study, has splashed out a liquid in his face , trying to make an arson. Now criminal case is on court consideration.

Since 2006 in the market the Zaporozhye trade union of businessmen of the automobile market which is registered according to the current legislation operates and is accepted in structure of Federation of trade unions of workers of small and average enterprise of Ukraine. The trade union unites more than 800 workers of the market and supports market administration in the conflict with Zaporozhye "Ednannya".


The reference to the public prosecutor of the Zaporozhye area


Press conference in Zaporozhye, devoted to situation round the city automobile market