The code of laws on work

The code of laws on work of Ukraine is confirmed by the Law of USSR from December, the 10th 1971 and installed since June, the 1st 1972. The code consists of 18 parts and 265 articles.

Essential changes and additions have been during the last years made to the code of laws on work in connection with acceptance of important acts.

The primary goals of the Code of laws on work are: the regulation of labor relations of all workers,
assistance to labor productivity growth, improvement of quality of work, to increase of efficiency of a social production and lifting on this basis of a material and cultural standard of living of workers, to strengthening of labor discipline and gradual transformation of work for the society blessing in the first vital need of each able-bodied person.

The code of laws on work of Ukraine regulates labor relations of workers, legal bases and guarantees of realization by citizens of the right to dispose of the ability to work.

In part ХVІ of the Code of laws on work principles of activity of trade unions and participation of workers in management of the enterprises, establishments, the organizations are fixed. Article 12 of the Code of laws about work notices that the collective agreement consists between the owner or the body (person) authorized by it, on the one hand, and the primary trade-union organization which operate according to the charters, and in cases of their absence - the representatives freely selected at general meeting of hired workers or bodies authorized by them, from the second party.

Chapter ІІІ-A the Code of laws on work is devoted regulation of activity concerning maintenance of employment of released workers.

The order of regulation of labor legal relationship is in details registered in the Code of laws on work, in particular in it norms on payment, a labor safety, norms concerning regulation of working hours and time of rest, regulation of labor relations with separate categories of workers and an order of the decision of individual and collective labor disputes in cases of infringements of the rights of workers contain...

The Main objective of activity of trade unions is protection of the mentioned rights of workers, therefore at the permission of labor disputes both in the Commission on labor disputes, and in a judicial order directly take active part.

The code of laws on work