The decree of the President of Ukraine "About the concept of improvement of state regulation of economic activities" №816/2007

The given decree is accepted for the purpose of improvement of state regulation of economic activities for maintenance of warranting of a constitutional law of each citizen on enterprise activity, a non-admission of infringement of this right, agrees with articles 42 and 102 of the constitution of Ukraine.

The purpose of this Concept is definition of priority directions and problems concerning improvement of state regulation of the economic activities, directed on maintenance of realization of the right of everyone on enterprise activity and the system legal decision of problems existing in this sphere.

According to the given Concept in the course of improvement of state regulation of economic activities should be provided: attraction not profitable associations of businessmen to formation of main principles state regulator policy; Unconditional observance of norms of the legislation concerning realization of the state supervision (control) over economic activities; simplification of allowing system and minimization of kinds of activity which are subject to licensing; improvement of system of the state registration of the ware rights to real estate and their restrictions and reduction of administrative control in this sphere; elimination of technical barriers to economic activities carrying out; improvement of system of the taxation; elimination of unreasonable obstacles in realization of the enterprise initiative; strengthening of financial and credit support of development of economic activities; improvement of activity of public authorities concerning development of economic activities and regulator policy.