The reference to the public prosecutor of the Zaporozhye area

Last years on Zaporozhye’s automobile market (on Orehovsky highway) are carried out regular attempts of reuder’s hobbies of property of businessmen and the ground area on which the market is located.

To the public prosecutor of the Zaporozhye area
To the senior adviser of justice
Pavlov V.

Dear Vyacheslav!

Since 2006 in Zaporozhye operates "Zaporozhye trade union of businessmen of the automobile market" operates. The trade union is properly registered and it is a federated member of trade unions of workers of small and average enterprise of Ukraine.

Also I inform you that the Zaporozhye trade-union organization "Ednannya" which is headed by Vladimir Pamirov, isn't included into the structure of Federation of trade unions of workers of small and average enterprise of Ukraine and our member organization of All Ukraine trade union of workers of small and average business " Ednannya ", and, accordingly, hasn’t any relation to our Federation .

The federation is disturbed by a situation which has developed in the Zaporozhye automobile market on Orehovsky highway.

We consider that actions which are made by the Zaporozhye trade union " Ednannya " and its primary organization in the automobile market (consists of 18 - 20 persons, heads by Tatyana Serdjuk), will disorganize normal work of collective of the market where works almost one thousand two hundred businessmen. These actions, in our opinion, contradict the current legislation about trade unions, and on occasion (behind our well-founded suspicions) they fall under signs of criminal crimes. We are convinced that capture of property of businessmen and the ground areas is a true ultimate goal of activity of Zaporozhye trade union " Ednannya " and T.Serdjuk in the automobile market. Such methods as false decisions of Borispolsky court of the Kiev’s area and an attack on the market of security guards of Nikopol firm "Straj" are for this purpose used even.

The federation asks to use Office of Public Prosecutor of the Zaporozhye area all lawful ways for protection of the rights and interests of businessmen of the automobile market.

In particular, we ask:

1. According to order and the procedure provided by the Law of Ukraine "About references of citizens" not to consider on the same questions repeated complaints and statements of Serdjuk Т. and representatives of illegally operating trade union " Ednannya ";

2. To provide performance of Rules of trade in the markets confirmed by the decision of the Zaporozhye City Council №5 from 23.12.05 year and the report of this Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies from 21.04.10 year concerning independent clearing of territory of the market from the property of property of businessmen which at infringement of the current legislation in the absence of contracts illegally carry out enterprise activity and to solve a question on their attraction to a criminal liability;

3. To make answerable those officials whom it is illegal, in our opinion, promote commercial activity of heads and active workers of trade union " Ednannya ";

4. To stop that activity of trade union " Ednannya " which is illegal. I ask to inform on results of consideration of it the reference.

Yours faithfully,

The head of Federation

Viacheslav Roi