On March, 19th, 2010 taken place the meeting of the President of Ukraine with representatives of trade unions of Ukraine

At a meeting from Federation of trade unions of workers of cooperation and other forms of business of Ukraine there were Kozhevina Н. and Roi V. Performance of the Head of the state  has been devoted at social and economic problems in Ukraine, to questions of overcoming of crisis and priority directions of development of the country. In particular, the great attention has been given by the President to questions of repayment of debts on a salary, the further non-admission of informal payment for work, corruption destruction in power structures, increase of level of payment and a living wage, carrying out of pension reform. "These questions are necessary for solving by means of interaction of trade unions and power structures" - underlined V. Yanukovich. In the speech he also has stated hope that development of social partnership and development of the state with a worthy standard of living become an overall aim of the power and trade unions. 

V.Yanukovich has informed that the passed law on social standards will be executed on the basis of economic growth under public control of trade unions, having reminded that social vulnerability, a low salary generate also growth of criminal pressure in a society. 

The president has emphasized on importance of improvement of social dialogue and on giving particular attention to collective agreements on purpose as much as possible to strengthen social protection of workers, and it will personally promote acceptance by parliament of the law on social dialogue. As the President has noticed, - "Wide social dialogue should become a part of outlook of the new power and the basic tool of a policy of the state". 

Experts of Federation of trade unions of workers of cooperation and other forms of business of Ukraine had been prepared REFERENCES To the PRESIDENT of Ukraine which in the end of a meeting the Head of Federation Kozhevina N has handed over to mister Yanukovich.