The 16th of November

Businessmen have gathered under Verhovna Rada and shout "GANBA!”
About two thousand representatives of small and average business picket Verhovna Rada against acceptance of the new Tax code.
As correspondent UNIAN transfers, the businessman stand round the central input to Verhovna Rada, they have gathered from all regions of Ukraine, including from Odessa, to Crimea, Dnepropetrovsk, Lvov, Poltava, Donetsk etc.
Except flags and posters, with names of settlements of Ukraine, they hold posters with inscriptions: "we Will stop tax terror", "Payment of a social payment - under incomes", "Azarov, Homutinnik, Tigipko, Brodsky - on a market with the Tax code!" Etc.
Also participants of meeting beat at a bucket or knock on a fence plastic bottles and cry out: "the Shame! A shame!".
At the same time, in Mariinsky stuffy, near the Supreme Rada, it is concentrated over 20 buses with тонированными windows in which there are fighters of special division of Ministry of Internal Affairs "Golden eagle" and fighters of Public service of protection at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.
10 thousand protesting have captivated Grushevsky's street.
In the center of Kiev in a direction to Verhovna Rada the column protesting against acceptance of the Tax code which project in the second reading will consider today parliament moves.
As correspondent UNIAN transfers, in a column - is close 10 thousand people. They bear posters with names of the regions and scan: "the Shame!". Participants of the action have filled Grushevsky's all street. Movement by this street is blocked.


Under Verhovna Rada - already 30 thousand people
In a protest action against acceptance of the Tax code near Verhovna Rada takes part over 30 thousand persons.
As correspondent UNIAN transfers, such data through loudspeakers to participants of the action was proclaimed by its organizers.
They have noticed that, behind last data, for given time officially was registered over 30 thousand participants of meeting, but people approach and, thus, as organizers mark, picketers will be not less 50 thousand.


Tax revolt on-hmelnitski: businessmen have broken doors the ODE
In Khmelnitskiy in a protest action against acceptance of the Tax code take part close 10 thousand businessmen.
As correspondent UNIAN informs, picketers since 9 mornings have occupied the area near regional state administration. Businessmen hold bunners with slogans "the Tax code of Tigipko - Azarov - a genocide of businessmen", "aren't present - to tax slavery". Also they scan a surname of the governor of the Asthma and demand to leave a high office and to leave to the people. Their voice hasn't been heard, so businessmen have addressed in an extreme measure.
At first delegated several persons to transfer the reference to the head of regional state administration. However the militia which has hidden in regional state administration, hasn't passed them. Then woken thousand the crowd has rushed to doors the ODE. With application of force they have broken entrance doors of regional state administration. Further them the militia hasn't started up.
From the beginning of the action of governor Vasily Udushe and still some officials it has been deduced through a rear entrance of House of Councils and those, for the information of the informed sources, have left a premise.
According to head trade unions "protection of businessmen Khmelnitskiy" Hopes of Knets, the businessman of the regional center won't carry out the Tax code if it will be decided by the Supreme Rada. " we will not carry out such shameful Tax code until the power won't sit down for a negotiating table with businessmen and won't consider our offers. I am assured that in President Yanukovych there is a common sense to put a veto for this document", - she has underlined. Madam Knets has added that the management the Ode not for long needed to supervise over area. The weight of businessmen has supported it scanded "the power - away!"


Participants of meeting in Raisin have come into the city council house.
Today in a city Raisin on Harkovshchine the markets didn't work: representatives small business thus protested against acceptance of the new Tax code of Ukraine.
As have informed source UNIAN in Raisin, in the afternoon in a city meeting in which have taken part about thousand local businessmen has taken place. Its participants have accepted the resolution concerning nonacceptance of the Tax code and cancellation of payments in the Pension fund.
Many participants of the action have entered into a boardroom of Izjumsky city council and demanded to call extraordinary session the City Councils that deputies have seen it and have sent to the President Victor YANUKOVYCH, Verhovna Rada and Cabinet of ministers of Ukraine the reference in support of the meeting resolution.
City head Alexander Bozhkov has promised to consider this question at regular session the City Councils, the interlocutor of agency has informed.