The 18th of November

Businessmen threaten the authorities rebelliousness actions.
Participants of meeting under Supreme Rada walls threaten the authorities constant termless protest actions in case the Tax code will be accepted also the President it will sign.
As correspondent UNIAN transfers, the leader of fraction has declared it "BUT (today from tribune Verhovna Rada Yulia Timoshenko block) - the Native land" Ivan Kirilenko, зачитывая the reference of participants of the action of the protest.
According to I.Kirilenko, holding a meeting demand to remove the project of the Tax code from consideration, to send in resignation of those who involved to its working out, and to decide the bill which guarantees preservation of the simplified system of the taxation.
Besides, protesting from the President Victor YANUKOVYCH demand to put a veto for the Tax code if Verhovna Rada nevertheless it will decide.
"If the power nevertheless goes on if only to decide and enter the Tax code, participants of the action compelled will protect the right to life and the right to enterprise activity by termless actions and actions of public rebelliousness", - I.Kirilenko, зачитывая the reference of participants of the protest has told.

Carriers have joined a protest action under Verhovna Rada.
Carriers of Ukraine have joined a nation-wide protest action of businessmen against acceptance of the new Tax code which now occurs under Supreme Rada walls in Kiev.
As have informed UNIAN in public organization "Union of drivers", such decision was accepted on the general gathering of businessmen - of carriers from all regions of Ukraine. Together with carriers to parliament walls left to strike both drivers and members of their families.
According to the head of board of the Civil Organization "Union of drivers" of Sergey Ovchinnikova, acceptance of the Tax code in presented Сabinet of ministers a kind will cause a considerable damage to interests to all businessmen - to carriers. "Hundred thousand people - drivers and members of their families - remain without work and means for existence. Therefore this document needs in serious to completion", - he has declared.
"Acceptance of the Tax code of Azarov - Tigipko will lead to that all bus transportations of passengers in the state will stop, - the president of the Union of carriers of Ukraine Valentine Demchuk considers. - After all the majority of carriers for today for realization of enterprise activity use system of the uniform tax. In conditions difficult an economic condition on all to the state is almost uniform rescue for their business".
As mark carriers, they meaningly left to protest without use of vehicles, if only not to break the law and not to create additional problems to citizens. However hope for understanding from the power of their problem which can result from acceptance of the new Tax code.

Today in Khmelnitskiy 30 markets closed all.
In Khmelnitskiy on the Maidan of Independence near regional state administration over three thousand businessmen take part in meeting against acceptance of the Tax code.
As correspondent UNIAN transfers, the businessman have gathered about 10 o'clock in the morning and scan: "the power - away!".
According to head trade unions "захисту businessmen Khmelnitskiy" Hopes of Knets, all markets Khmelnitskiy (30 markets - UNIAN) now closed and 35 thousand businessmen have left the workplaces.

About 2 thousand businessmen have gathered on the Independence Maidan.
About 2 thousand representatives of small and average business have this morning gathered on the Independence Maidan in Kiev for a protest action against acceptance of the new Tax code.
As correspondent UNIAN transfers, people stand near стелы Independence.
Participants of the action have arrived practically from all regions of Ukraine.
Except flags, they hold posters with inscriptions: "Isn't present - to the Tax code!", "we will not allow to take away our money!", "from us have taken away all - leave to the robot!".