Businessmen gave an answer a guard order

Businessmen repulsed the limb of the law 06.02.2011 at the Central market of m. Tchernihiv, approximately at twelve o'clock senior lieutenant Government Service is on a fight against economic crimes in the Tchernihiv area Andrey Atroschenko tried to conduct illegal verification of businessman Oleksij Maksena. policeman quickly an official certification (not giving possibility with him to familiarize) for a moment, but did not have at itself no other documents which would give him a right on the lead through of verification. He explained to the businessman, allegedly just did a control purchase for him. Then requested to look testifying to payment of the fixed tax, and declared, that a patent was a « fake». At this time news about the illegal actions of mister Atroschenko were known by all market (3 thousand trading posts) and to the place of event businessmen began to coincide. O. Maksen explained to employee Management of Ministry of the Internal Affairs in the Tchernihiv area, that: «The organs of militia are right to begin the lead through of verification of subektiv of economic activity on condition of presence of sending to verification, in which the date of his delivery, name of subsection of militia, purpose, kind, grounds, date of beginning and expiration of verification, position, rank and last name of public servants of subsection date, register militias which will conduct verification. Sending to verification is actual on condition of presence of signature of leader of subsection of militia, stamp organ of militia ( p.24 Art.11 Law of Ukraine About a police).», but, that ... «In the case of present operativno-rozshukovoy or criminal business the workers of militia have a right to conduct control purchases and take part in verification of subjects of entrepreneurial activity. Thus in matters on questions taxation a tax militia has such plenary powers only (p. 8 Law of Ukraine About operatively is search activity )"

Did businessmen offer to the policeman to give the proper documents, but he renounced, began to threaten people, and began to draw up a report??? relatively Oleksij Maksena. People did not survive, and they appealed market polices to the department. Fortunately, the workers of market police interfered immediately set a person and helped people which are deprived from the so-called guard order.

We warn all supervisory organs, that exactly they provoke the shares of protest, and we will compel above all things them to execute Constitution and legislation of Ukraine. Remind all wishing «Srubit' babla», that Tchernihiv is the «cradle of sausage revolution», twentieth anniversary of which we celebrated the recently, and we can to give a deserving rebuff all, who tries to destroy our workplaces.


Chairman of profkomu  
 «Tchernihiv trade union of businessmen»                                                 Olena Varnakova