Head of Federation Vyacheslav Roi attends public discussion on pension reform in Kharkov.


 On January, 20th, public discussion of government proposals on pension reform was organazed in Kharkov. In discussion participated also representatives of labour unions and local authorities. 

Head of Federation of labour unions of small and medium business Viacheslav Roi took part in an event.



In his speech he noticed, that first of all its necesary to start an effective economical reforms, to fight "shadow" economy and increase payments to Pension Foundation. Than government should start an effective fight with cottuption, and only afterwards its possible to run a discussions about increasing pension age.


In resolution, which was voted as a result of discussion, was stressed, that tools and ways for changing current pension system, proposed by government, are not acceptable for cociety, and reform shouldnt be a way for politicians to escape and make a life easier, but a way to guarantee a quality eldery ages for citizens. 


As up to this document, it necessary to develop and implement following: national program of increasing a number of working places, national program for increasing life-lenth, and, the last but not the least, to increase salaries up to european levels which will have as result an increasing of pension payments.  


Next step should be a developing an equal conditions for development of all the pension systems and equal access for citizens of all age categories.  


Refuse from changing progressive tax payments for regressive should be on a basis of new pension reform. That will stimulate employers to pay salalries legally, and pension payments - completely and in time. 


As an another key moment for resolution authors claimed to remove from a draft all the chapters with positions about  increasing pension age and one-time financial support for state-employeirs.